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¡Muchas gracias! Las ilustraciones son perfectas y es muy fácil de imprimir.

¡Gracias a ti por pasarte a comentar! Esperamos que sean útiles durante tus sesiones de juego :D


Amazing! Any chance for an English version?


Maybe when completed with the rest of the objects of all the game. This is only the list of background objects and some from the "gear and prices" list are missing.
We are glad to know there are some people interested on them!

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Hi! We don't mind if you do it, but we are working on an extended version (both in Spanish and English since those we published are only the background objects and some other ones mentioned at the game aren't part of the background list, due to localization some objects that are in the Spanish translation are not on the original game, and also we want to correct some issues). The work is yet to be finished since last year our life got a little messy, but it's there somewhere waiting us to finish it.

So said, feel free to use our published work since it is CC BY-NC-SA and use it as you please acordingly to that license. We'll be glad to know other people helped our work to grow and be shared!

Regarding the tweaks you mention, since this are the objects listed on p.7 we see no indication of the fishhook beig a weapon of any kind (others like the pickaxe are listed so). Also, we interpret that any object mentioned at the rulebook takes a slot (top line of p.8 says so) whether it's mouse made or human made, being the only exception to this rule the two slot objects such as two-handed weapons, armour and objects listed as large like the human made padlock and key.

Feel free to add a damage rating to the fishhook if you think it can be used as a weapon. Also, if you consider that the mouse made objects do not take up any slot, just do not use their cards.

As the game says at p.20, feel free to create and adapt rulings and make the game your own!